Who Want to fuck with me?

2008-05-14 11:40:31 by RobbieGagg

Fuck you kid and newgrounds, I'll keep up the best BBS News Post ALL THE TIME. Because is everyone doing it we love it the lot And some fucking people and kid's keep telling me to fuck off in newgrounds I don't give a shit or what of you lot of muthafucker's ((( THE BBS IS FREE TO FUCKING GET ANGRY OF IT )))

I'm angry we'll Get Fucking angry in this Newgrounds but why is it? is it just we loved it or is it mad the people at funny at them I don't no What the fuck it is, I don't no what the fucking newgrounds want to have making this shit mad and mad and mad mad and mad and mad AND MADD!! is Wrong I know is sound like fucking crazy to me and some kid's on the big world get crazy at newgrounds is the best.

so you want to fuck some one you heat FUCK WITH ME IS SOME OF JOKE?