Fuck You gamerdakota and Newgrounds

2008-06-10 17:20:16 by RobbieGagg

At 6/9/08 10:37 PM, gamerdakota wrote:
: At 6/9/08 10:00 PM, RobbieGagg wrote:
: : At 6/9/08 2:59 PM, gamerdakota wrote:
: : : http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff1 46/drawf3/ro bbiegagg.jpg
: : :
: : : Care to explain? You threatened to kill me because I said your video was bad?
: : :
: : : Big mistake, I've alerted the authorities. Good job.
: :
: : I Don't give a Shit of you or someone elst because fucking people can't say it right, and I have a stick of this muthafucker's in this newgrounds or YouTube. all of this fucker's are Fool's don't like me and all the flash clip's and my video's. so for the next time FUCK OFF!! AND DON'T YOU SAY A FUCKING WORK OF FUCKING JOKE IN THIS FUCKING NETWORK.
: Umm...what? I'm sorry,I have no idea what you just said.
: All I said was your grammar was bad,and you threaten to kill me.

is You don't Fucking Undertand what I'm trying to say AT TO YOU I'M NOT FUCKING FROM GRAMMAR!! I'm in Enland in The UK and I'm not a fucking Bad joke You from fucking USA and you a Fucking Kid. do not fucking talk to me Again WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!