Entry #24

I'm Going to reply at the USA Kid's

2008-07-31 22:23:22 by RobbieGagg

This is will not be end of this, No one can not Stop me or even the Damn Fucking USA And the Kid's on Newgrounds. Because I'm Back NOW!!!! So now I'm Going to Reply the USA at my Video's on my account going to talk about the Damn USA Can damn read the people from England of work's English Right. apart of this Video will be calld ( Fucking USA Kid )

now I have talking to tom fulp at 7 week ago he was know about me I was angry at you Lot, so he's was know I was saying like the work of Fucking USA Kid's so tom here's about That. so anyway I'll going to Destroy Newgrounds 1st I'm going to make a video, so then you Fucking lot Will not Stop from me notting NOTTING!!!

So........ see you fucker's at the reply video's