I'm Going to Get Drunk Right Now!

2008-03-10 13:37:59 by RobbieGagg

To Day I'm Going to Get mad Drunk Right now. Because I'm really so Stick of fucking kid's on Newgrounds account and I'm Very Stick of Calling me A Garmmar All the time. People keep saying, We All the Fucking FUCKING GARMMAR! But I'm Not going to Crap Garmmar I Want to fuck them Up. I'm Back on my Account and I'm not Back off all the time Because You Kid's are not Funny You can't Just Can't to be right on Understand You kid's talking like a 4 years old just right now. So I'm drinking my Beer right now, I just 35 beer's To get fucking drunk If my word's right or wrong Because My English is OK NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORD I'M SAYING!? I so piss of with kid's like 12 years Old. And I like to jon in newgrounds because I like to do is send flash movie with my movie or game's. ( I'm the Madd Rap Funny video in England in the world ) I the Madd rap on this newgrounds. And I can get in my madd rap account because is fucking Locked All the Time

The some People think I'm So Cool and funny? I don't no why Realise I'm just a funny guy. So Now is Drink and drunk Time with 35 Beer's on it But. if you like to see my account on newgrounds on Maddrap and Madd Rap Funny Video's on YouTube