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This is will not be end of this, No one can not Stop me or even the Damn Fucking USA And the Kid's on Newgrounds. Because I'm Back NOW!!!! So now I'm Going to Reply the USA at my Video's on my account going to talk about the Damn USA Can damn read the people from England of work's English Right. apart of this Video will be calld ( Fucking USA Kid )

now I have talking to tom fulp at 7 week ago he was know about me I was angry at you Lot, so he's was know I was saying like the work of Fucking USA Kid's so tom here's about That. so anyway I'll going to Destroy Newgrounds 1st I'm going to make a video, so then you Fucking lot Will not Stop from me notting NOTTING!!!

So........ see you fucker's at the reply video's

At 6/9/08 10:37 PM, gamerdakota wrote:
: At 6/9/08 10:00 PM, RobbieGagg wrote:
: : At 6/9/08 2:59 PM, gamerdakota wrote:
: : : 46/drawf3/ro bbiegagg.jpg
: : :
: : : Care to explain? You threatened to kill me because I said your video was bad?
: : :
: : : Big mistake, I've alerted the authorities. Good job.
: :
: : I Don't give a Shit of you or someone elst because fucking people can't say it right, and I have a stick of this muthafucker's in this newgrounds or YouTube. all of this fucker's are Fool's don't like me and all the flash clip's and my video's. so for the next time FUCK OFF!! AND DON'T YOU SAY A FUCKING WORK OF FUCKING JOKE IN THIS FUCKING NETWORK.
: Umm...what? I'm sorry,I have no idea what you just said.
: All I said was your grammar was bad,and you threaten to kill me.

is You don't Fucking Undertand what I'm trying to say AT TO YOU I'M NOT FUCKING FROM GRAMMAR!! I'm in Enland in The UK and I'm not a fucking Bad joke You from fucking USA and you a Fucking Kid. do not fucking talk to me Again WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

Who Want to fuck with me?

2008-05-14 11:40:31 by RobbieGagg

Fuck you kid and newgrounds, I'll keep up the best BBS News Post ALL THE TIME. Because is everyone doing it we love it the lot And some fucking people and kid's keep telling me to fuck off in newgrounds I don't give a shit or what of you lot of muthafucker's ((( THE BBS IS FREE TO FUCKING GET ANGRY OF IT )))

I'm angry we'll Get Fucking angry in this Newgrounds but why is it? is it just we loved it or is it mad the people at funny at them I don't no What the fuck it is, I don't no what the fucking newgrounds want to have making this shit mad and mad and mad mad and mad and mad AND MADD!! is Wrong I know is sound like fucking crazy to me and some kid's on the big world get crazy at newgrounds is the best.

so you want to fuck some one you heat FUCK WITH ME IS SOME OF JOKE?

News Post video on Newgrounds

2008-05-13 15:39:33 by RobbieGagg

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is a New Embed on newgrounds I think Tom fulp have something to put a embed a News post and to currently that and right click to copy the embed and put in a news post account. is not hard you guy's I just send on Youtube so the people can help them self, so I hope you like it have fun.

Stop saying the N Word on Newgrounds!!

2008-04-15 20:50:28 by RobbieGagg

Black people don't have the right to be mad at white people using any form of the N word, seeing how they're the ones who've been keeping it alive all these years. And, they have no right to keep using it as a trap word (you "Newgrounds" out there all know that you'd still try to kill a white man who used the n**** variant, so stop your shit). Everyone knows that there are different rules for different races. Only people of a certain color are allowed to use some words. And only people of a certain color are allowed to use some water fountains. That's the spirit MLK was talking about- great job everybody!

you People in newgrounds don't want to be called n****?%uFEFF nigro then. Damn%uFEFF black people always want pity for everything.. Its a fucking word.. STOP SAYING THE N WORD ON NEWGROUNDS PLEASE YOU GUY'S!!!

Send a video reply to Tom Fulp to say I'm sorry

2008-03-28 13:43:03 by RobbieGagg

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I was working on my Windows movie maker all night, I have now Finished my work so this Video calld I'm Sorry Tom Fulp and Newgrounds. Please click the I'm Sorry Tom Fulp and Newgrounds so I hope that will make's Tom Fulp happy and also I have just put a Hip Hop music as Eminem Mockingbird so this will be the Cools thing ever.

Also I like to know if you to be really Understand on this video when I making a new post on my account talking about Tom fulp delete the flash clip. But tom did not do that I was wrong really wrong.

I'm sorry newgrounds and please enjoy the video Thank You.

My Madd Rap Funny Video's

2008-03-22 22:34:16 by RobbieGagg

you have hard of me in my YouTube account on Madd Rap funny video's. if you want to see my Best cool funny video's I got 39 video in my account, Also I'm making in my windows movie maker about send reply video of Tom Fulp to say I'm Sorry. I'm all must done and if you really like to see my cool video that will be make me happy ( Thank You ^_^ )

Fun Ball Crach
The Squirrel Shot Up
The Angry Stick Page Man
Fish Sticks Rap
Lucky Candy
Bowser's Kingdom 1
Freddy VS Jason The Fight On
Crazy Monkey Man Fart
Numa Numa Willy
The Show Film of ( Friday the 13th of Jason )
The Kitty Cat Angry Bad Day
Angry German Kid VS Newgrounds Rumble
What Can You See?
Angry Speed Boy Gamer VS Xbox in Halo ( Part 2 )
Angry Speed Boy Gamer VS Xbox in Halo
The Angry Man said yes YES
Cool Sexy Very Hot Cool Girl
The Crazy Mad Woman Haveing a Shit
The Mad Scare Pranks
Drunk Burgler Man
Dog VS Duck
Drunk Mad Butch Passed Out
Kitchen Stove Prank
Home Water Slide
The Mad Boy Jerk
Funny Man Prank Oops
Airplane Wait Down
Angry Kitten Cat
Funny Video Kids Destroy House
The UFO In Crashes Woods
The Laughing French Man
Crazy Speed Cooking Man

And also My best funny video on YouTube of Strawberry Clock, with this video come's on newgrounds to copyright on flash movie clip's.

Strawberry Clock of The Italian Man Who went to Malta
This is Really Funny Video I Mak it on My PC in World Art. The Strawberry Clock
Who went to Malta is the Mad and Funny
is tuck me About 5 Day to do All the Work when I was Making the Movie of Strawberry Clock. So Please People in YouTube Enjoy this video.

and the flash movie clip on Strawberry Clock is on video but I did make the flash movie just from some one, and no one copy the flash movie to put on video with my help can be the best Strawberry Clock.
Strawberry's Computer
Strawberry Clock 21 O Clock Street The Movie: Part 2
Strawberry Clock 21 O Clock Street The Movie: Part 1

and The best but maybe best of Angry Gamer's we all get angry some time on game like PS2 PS3 Xbox Xbox360 N Will We Loved the best and we don't loved it to get fucking angry why?
The Best Video of Angry Gamer's Part 2
The Best Video of Angry Gamer's Part 1

And Thank You for you all people to Reply on my Madd Rap funny video, Thank's ;-)

My Madd Rap Funny Video's

LOLZILLA is a Autistic Kid ?

2008-03-21 21:06:43 by RobbieGagg

LOLZILLA. send me on my PM box he said to me I'm sorry I swearing at you and he was saying I'm Autistic 16 years old Kid? I'm not joking with you guy's Also lolzilla said to me, Don't tell anyone who know I'm autistic please don't. that what he said I don't no why but he is.

LOLZILLA is a Autistic Kid ?

Sexy Anime Delorean car Girl ?

2008-03-14 11:59:45 by RobbieGagg

I need to find out who this sexy anime girl is? I just been search round all the time. but I the picture of it, She look like a Back to the future of the Delorean car. if you guy's seen this picture be for so I like to do is show me the web page link of it and if you got any inforation of the Sexy Delorean Car Girl, can you please tell me she look Sexy Anime Delorean car to me is it?

Sexy Anime Delorean car Girl ?

I'm Going to Get Drunk Right Now!

2008-03-10 13:37:59 by RobbieGagg

To Day I'm Going to Get mad Drunk Right now. Because I'm really so Stick of fucking kid's on Newgrounds account and I'm Very Stick of Calling me A Garmmar All the time. People keep saying, We All the Fucking FUCKING GARMMAR! But I'm Not going to Crap Garmmar I Want to fuck them Up. I'm Back on my Account and I'm not Back off all the time Because You Kid's are not Funny You can't Just Can't to be right on Understand You kid's talking like a 4 years old just right now. So I'm drinking my Beer right now, I just 35 beer's To get fucking drunk If my word's right or wrong Because My English is OK NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORD I'M SAYING!? I so piss of with kid's like 12 years Old. And I like to jon in newgrounds because I like to do is send flash movie with my movie or game's. ( I'm the Madd Rap Funny video in England in the world ) I the Madd rap on this newgrounds. And I can get in my madd rap account because is fucking Locked All the Time

The some People think I'm So Cool and funny? I don't no why Realise I'm just a funny guy. So Now is Drink and drunk Time with 35 Beer's on it But. if you like to see my account on newgrounds on Maddrap and Madd Rap Funny Video's on YouTube